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Two Tree injection treatments in one. Now an applicator can eliminate the need to make two separate applications of insecticides and fungicides limiting the amount of injection sites on a tree. 
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Mauget has developed the greatest assortment of agricultural minerals formulations developed specifically for tree injection treatments.
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One of a group of few treatments developed for ornamentals suppressing certain hard to control bacterial diseases.
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Mauget’s broad line of insecticide products for tree injection treatments control many of the most destructive insects feeding on trees. Targeted control, going to work immediately contained within the trees system.
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Mauget Chemists have been developing fungicides for tree injection health care since 1958 and have some of the most effective suppressive and preventive products developed just for trees. 
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State Registrations
View all Mauget registered products in any State. Check here to confirm the product your interested in using is registered in the state you wish to use it.
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