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Chemjet® Tree Injector

The Chemjet® Injector is an easy to use spring-loaded tree-injector that delivers higher volumes of Mauget's Liquid Loadable products with faster uptake.

This spring-loaded Injector with a 20mm tapered nozzle assists placing the injector into the tree. Like a syringe the material is drawn up 20ml at a time and can be delivered in 5, 10, 15 or 20ml doses . The injector is then `locked off' by turning the handle in a clockwise direction.  The injectors are placed in the tree by drilling a 4.2mm or 11/64" (wood dependent) hole 50mm deep then utilising the tapered nozzle to secure the injector firmly in place. Turning the handle anti clockwise will then release the device and inject the tree with the desired amount of chemical.

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